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March/April 1984 Frederick R. Jelovsek, MD Computers in the Examining Room, the Delivery Room, and the Nursery
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January, 1984 Kevin J. Kelly, MD; Josef Neu, MD; Thomas B. Rice, MD; Wendell Crim, BS; and Carl Eisenberg, MD Efficacy of a Programmed Calculator for Constant-Infusion Medication Calculations
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1984 K. C. Lun Application of the Microcomputer to the Estimation of Infant and Childhood Mortality by Indirect Techniques
1984 Gunnary I. Olsson A data base system for pediatric intensive care
Dec-83 Robert L. Chatburn, Waldemar A. Carlo, Marvin D. Lough Clinical Algorithm for Pressure-Limited Ventilation of Neonates with Respiratory Distress Syndrome
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Feb. 1983 S. J. Cahill and G. McClure A Microcomputer-Based Heart Rate Variability Monitor
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1983 F. Katona An Orienting Diagnostic System in Neonatal and Infantile Neurology
1983 James W. Thorp; and Sandra Robbins Diet Analysis for Intensive Care Nursery Patients with a Programmable Calculator
1983 Michael H. LeBlanc Oxygen Consumption in Premature Infants in an Incubator of Proven Clinical Efficiency
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1983 Geoffrey Cusick Microprocessors in Obstetrics and Special Care Baby Units
19-Aug-82 Randolph A. Miller, MD; Harry E. Pople, Jr, PhD; and Jack D. Myers, MD INTERNIST-1, an Experimental Computer-Based Diagnostic Consultant for General Internal Medicine
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May, 1981 R. Allen Microcomputer Assistance in Clinical Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure
1981 F. Gloria-Bottini; M. Orzalesi; M. Coccia; E. Bottini Neonatal jaundice in ABO incompatible infants. Computer-assisted evaluation of risk of hyperbilirubinemia and analysis of differences between sexes.
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3/1/1980 Prayer, WW Patient Data Management in Neonatal Intensive Care
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