Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

Being an encyclopedic collection of rare and extraordinary cases, and of the most striking instances of abnormality in all branches of medicine and surgery, derived from an exhaustive research of medical literature from its origin to the present day, abstracted, classified, annotated, and indexed.


George M. Gold, A.M., M.D.


Walter L. Pyle, A.J., M.D.

Popular Edition

With 295 Illustrations in the Text, and 12 Half-Tone and Colored Plates

Copyright 1896 W. B. Saunders

W. B. Saunders
925 Walnut Street
1900 Edition


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Prefatory and Introductory

Chapter 1. Genetic Anomalies

Chapter 2. Prenatal Anomalies

Chapter 3. Obstetric Anomalies

Chapter 4. Prolificity

Chapter 5. Major Terata

Chapter 6. Minor Terata

Chapter 7. Anomalies of Stature, Size, and Development

Chapter 8. Longevity

Chapter 9. Physiologic and Functional Anomalies

Chapter 10. Surgical Anomalies of the Head and Neck

Chapter 11. Surgical Anomalies of the Extremities

Chapter 12. Surgical Anomalies of the Thorax and Abdomen

Chapter 13. Surgical Anomalies of the Genitourinary System

Chapter 14. Miscellaneous Surgical Anomalies

Chapter 15. Anomalous Types and Instances of Disease

Chapter 16. Anomalous Skin Diseases

Chapter 17. Anomalous Nervous and Mental Diseases

Chapter 18. Historic Epidemics

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