De Lion Incubator at Low Maternity Hospital

by Francis H. Stuart, M.D.

Brooklyn Medical Journal 15:346-349, 1901


To the Editors of the Brooklyn Medical Journal:

Through the generosity of Mr. William G. Low, its principal benefactor, the Low Maternity Hospital has come into possession of an incubator made after the most approved pattern. The model is that of Prof. Dr. de Lion, of Paris, but the makers, The Kny-Scheerer Co., have improved the regulating device, making it the most perfect, elaborate, yet simple, arrangement for the care of premature infants now made. [1] As this is the only incubator of its kind in Brooklyn I thought it would be of interest to your readers to call attention to it. In private practice, with the inadequacy of all possible means for maintaining life in infants born prematurely, the mortality is very high. Even with the conveniences hitherto in use in maturities, the mortality is very high. Even with the conveniences hitherto in use in maternities, less than 20 per cent. of those born at six and a half months, about 42 per cent. at seven months, and 65.4 per cent., at eight months, survive. With an apparatus of this careful construction these feeble lives may be carried forward in full development in greater numbers than is otherwise possible. No doubt members of the profession will be glad to learn that there is this refuge for cases which from any cause are brought to premature confinement. They may be sent to the Brooklyn Hospital either in the private rooms or public wards, so that the premature infant may be given the best attainable care. This accompanying illustrations show the arrangement of this apparatus.

Heat is obtained from hot water circulating from the cylinder C. The Bunsen burner B is placed below the hollow center of this cylinder. The height of the flame is regulated automatically. Within the living chamber are placed the thermoregulator, a thermometer and hygrometer L. At P is a sliding door for feeding the infant. The revolving wheel M in the chimney indicates the perfect circulation of air. The box A is for filtering the intake of air. Moisture of the air is maintained by keeping a glass (J) placed in the bottom of this box filled with water. In the improved apparatus there is also a pipe opening into the living chamber from the body of hot water beneath it. Other parts of the apparatus are so clearly shown in the cuts that they are self-explanatory. Members of the profession are welcome at any time to inspect this apparatus, and the other equipment of the Low Maternity. With this important addition the equipment of the Low Maternity is very complete for meeting all possible obstetric emergencies.

123 Joralemon Street.

[1] Dr. Markoe of Manhattan, who has charge of the equipment of the new maternity being built by the generosity of Mr. J. P. Morgan, has investigated thoroughly all the forms of incubator in use and has found this one of Dr. de Lion the most perfect.

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