The Lion Incubator Exhibition in New York, 1897

Dr. Alexandre Lion opened an outpost of his institution "Oeuvre Maternelle des Couveuses d'Enfants" in New York in 1897, and it was publicized in a large photo spread and article in the December 9, 1897 Leslie's Weekly. The comfortable living room environment with plants and armchairs is quite a contrast from today's neonatal intensive care units!

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The Lion Incubator was licensed and manufactured by Paul Altmann in Berlin and by Kny-Scheerer Co. in the US. It was widely used in exhibitions and sideshows, beginning with the Kinder-Brutanstalt ("child hatchery") at the Berlin Exposition of 1896 and the Victorian Era Exhibition at Earl's Court of 1897, followed by the Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898 in Omaha, Nebraska and many others in the USA.

Human Infant Incubation: A True Fairy-Tale of Modern Science from Leslie's Weekly
The Lion Incubator
Dr. Alexandre Lion
Oeuvre Maternelle des Couveuses d'Enfants, Paris
Baby Incubators, by James Walter Smith
Paris Exposition Universelle (1900)

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