Professeur Jean-Louis-Paul Denucé

M. le Dr. Denucé, professeur-adjoint de clinique chirugicale à l'École de Médicine de Bordeaux.

"The first report to describe an incubator developed for care of the premature infant was written by Jean-Louis-Paul Denucé (1824-1889) of Bordeaux, France. About 400 words long, citing no references, and published in the Journal de Médecine de Bordeaux in 1857, it described a double-walled zinc tub in which the space between the walls was filled with warm water." -- Thomas E. Cone, Am. J. Dis. Child. 135:658-660, July 1981.

" In 1857, physician Jean-Louis-Paul Denucé published a description of an infant incubator consisting of a large zinc metal tub with a smaller metal tub set inside. In Denucé's description, both tubs were welded at the top edges with a small opening near the top where warm water could be poured inside. The incubator also had a drain at the bottom to drain water that had cooled." --- The Infant Incubator in Europe (1860-1890),

Image of Dr. Denucé is from the NLM Historical Images in Medicine web site. Image of the zinc tub is from Hess, 1922.

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