Maison de la Consultation des Nourrissons

Among his many other contributions to the art and science of newborn care at the turn of the 20th Century, Pierre Budin established clinics and consultations for mothers and newborns after their discharge from the hospital, advocating breastfeeding whenever possible, and pasteurization of milk when breastfeeding was not possible.

"During the early 1890s, infantile diarrhea, caused by bottle-feeding cow's milk to infants, contributed to infant mortality, often because the milk had not be properly pasturized. Budin insisted that breast milk from women was superior to milk substitutes for infants unless they couldn't breastfeed. In 1892, Budin founded a system of clinics at the Hôpital de la Charité that supervised the care of infants after discharge from maternity hospitals. Budin established consultations in which he met with new mothers and encouraged them to breastfeed and to monitor their infants' weights. To encourage regular attendance for consultations, Budin provided mothers with economic incentives and gifts."

"Budin designed several items for new mothers and their infants. Budin designed a rubber nipple and developed a smaller version for infants with low birth weight who were unable to suckle. For women with premature infants, Budin created an apparatus that pumped milk from the breast, making breast milk more accessible for infants who were unable to suckle." -- The Embryo Project Encyclopedia

The press photos below show one of the Consultations for Newborns in Paris that was established by Budin in Paris. Click any photo to view a lerger version in a new tab.

Exterior of the "Maison de la Consultation des Nourrissons" in Paris ca. 1908. It was located at 91 rue Falguière [15e arrondissement]. Press photo by Agence Rol, 1908.
Mothers come for milk for their babies at the window at the Consultation des Nourrissons. Press photo by Agence Rol, 1909.
Sterilization of the milk was done in this dedicated room at the consultation. Press photo by Agence Rol, 1909.
Weighing a baby at the Consultation des Nourrissons. Press photo by Agence Rol, 1909.

Professor Pierre Budin, 1846-1907
Les Consultations de Nourrissons by P. Budin, 1905
The Nursling, by P. Budin, English translation of 1907.

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