Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exhibition, Seattle, 1909

The 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exhibition was held in Seattle on the University of Washington campus from June 1 to October 16, 1909. This was Washington's first world's fair. More than 3.7 million people visited the exhibition.

The amusement park or midway area was called the Pay Streak, and like many other exhibitions around the turn of the century, it included an incubator baby exhibit. Admission to see the babies was 25 cents. The gross receipts of the incubator exhibit over the entire course of the fair were $2,874.50.

Aerial view of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exhibition from a captive hot-air balloon. Photograph by Frank H. Nowell (1864-1950).
Baby Incubator Exhibit building on the Pay Streak. Oakes Photo Co.
Interior of the Baby Incubator Exhibit building, official photograph, published by Robert A. Reid. Printed on verso: "In no other way does science enlist our interest and sympathy so much as its assistance in saving infant life. Within these 'machines' are seven little pre-maturely born infants."
Nurses and baby in an exam room. Photograph by Frank H. Nowell.
Close-up view of an incubator. Photograph by Frank H. Nowell.
Newspaper advertisement for the incubator exhibit, 1909. Courtesy of the Seattle Star.
Season pass to the exhibit.

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