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St. Anna Hospital, Vienna

St. Anna Hospital, Vienna

Theodor Escherich installed wards for premature infants in the children’s hospitals in Graz (1899) and Vienna (1904), which became a model for many other hospitals. The diagram below shows the premature infant station established in the St. Anna Hospital, Vienna, in 1904. The St. Anna Children’s Hospital, established in 1837, was the first pediatric hospital in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Source: Oxford Textbook of the Newborn, by Michael Obladen.

Theodor Escherich (1857-1911) was a German-Austrian pediatrician and a professor at the universities in Graz and Vienna. He discovered and described the bacterium Escherichia coli, and made the Graz pediatric hospital one of the best-known institutions in Europe. In 1903, he founded the Säuglingsschutz (Infant Defense Society) and started a high-profile campaign for breastfeeding

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