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What’s New 2023-2024

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  • The Ailments of Early Infancy, chapter 11 of A Handbook of Obstetrical Nursing, 2nd edition, by Anna M. Fullerton, 1891. Source: Library of Congress. Includes a nice description of incubator care using Tarnier’s and Auvard’s incubators as exemplars. “Until within a few years the matter of keeping the baby sufficiently warm was exceedingly difficult to manage. The French invention of the ” couveuse,” or ” brooder,” has simplified the matter very much. It was first used in some of the French lying-in hospitals in 1881. Since then it has come into quite general use in France, being employed even in private houses. Many different forms of the apparatus now exist. The one most commonly used in France is Tarnier’s invention. This has been used for some time with great satisfaction in the Woman’s Hospital, of Philadelphia.” – p. 185

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