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Alexandre Lion in the News

Alexandre Lion in the News

Newspaper articles about Alexandre Lion and his various storefronts and expositions.

Le Public, Paris, July 20, 1894.
Le Conservateur, Paris, October 20, 1895.
Le Petit Moniteur Universel, February 26, 1896.
La Figaro, February 27, 1896.
La France de Bordeaux et du Sud-Ouest, September 24, 1896.

Alexandre Lion’s storefront incubator charities got quite a lot of coverage in the US press in the late 1890’s, as can be seen by the next few articles, and he even had a branch in New York City for a while. After Martin Couney gets rolling with his incubator exhibits at the Trans-Mississippi Exposition in 1898 and the Pan-American Exposition in 1901, and the many to follow, nearly all the US press coverage pivots to Couney, and Dr. Lion essentially disappears from the US press.

The Chicago Chronicle, December 27, 1896. Figures from the same article below.
The Chicago Chronicle, December 27, 1896.
The Chicago Chronicle, December 27, 1896.
The New York Sun, January 10, 1897.
New York Tribune, August 6, 1897.
The New York Sun, November 7, 1897.
La Patrie, December 21, 1897.
The San Francisco Call, March 6, 1898.
The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 7, 1899.

An earlier version of this article was published in the Minneapolis Times on April 30, 1899 and can be viewed by clicking here.

The Boston Globe, June 9, 1899.
Le Journal, March 13, 1901.
Le Public, September 12, 1901.
L’Aurore, 19 June 1901.
Journal de la ville de Saint Quentin et de l’arrondissement, June 21, 1902.