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Retrolental Fibroplasia: A Modern Parable – Foreward

Retrolental Fibroplasia: A Modern Parable – Foreward


It is a great delight to have this volume as part of the series, Monographs in Neonatology. The least important reason — though it is a terribly important one and a current problem in neonatal intensive care nurseries — is the major theme of the book, retrolental fibroplasia. As Dr. Silverman clearly indicates there are many, many aspects of this disease that are not yet understood with respect to pathogenesis and prevention, though the major culprit, hyperoxia, has long since been identified.

A more important reason for welcoming the volume is that it is indeed a modern parable, and the lessons retrolental fibroplasia can teach us are important ones for us to learn today. Proper design of clinical investigative studies is often still woefully weak, and that which is declared as “evidence” frequently does not survive careful scrutiny.

But the most important reason for cheering this edition to the series is to have Bill Silverman again out front where he so rightfully belongs. If anyone can be described as the father of modern neonatal intensive care it surely is he. And even if doubting Thomases would care to challenge that statement, none would dare challenge the singular role he has had in advancing the cause of patient care by thoughtfully conceived and designed randomized controlled clinical trials. His scholarship in this arena is unrivaled in pediatrics.

As the Series Editor I salute both this volume and its author.

Thomas K. Oliver, Jr., M.D.
Series Editor

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Last Updated on 02/28/24