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Retrolental Fibroplasia: A Modern Parable – Contents

Retrolental Fibroplasia: A Modern Parable – Contents

William A. Silverman, M.D.
Greenbrae, California

Copyright © 1980 Grune & Stratton, Inc.
New York, New York

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Chapter 1 – A New Affliction in Premature Infants

Chapter 2 – The Evolvement of Care for Feeble and Prematurely Born Infants

Chapter 3 – The First Decade of RLF

Chapter 4 – The Oxygen Hypothesis

Chapter 5 – The Eye and Oxygen

Chapter 6 – The National Cooperative Study

Chapter 7 – Oxygen Treatment Practices in Premature Infant Care

Chapter 8 – The Consequences of Oxygen Restriction

Chapter 9 – The Determinative Era of Oxygen Treatment

Chapter 10 – Medical Inflation

Chapter 11 – The Price of Progress

Chapter 12 – Progress in a Groove

Chapter 13 – The Experimental Method in Clinical Studies of Children

Chapter 14 – The Future for Clinical Studies Involving American Children

Appendix A – “Causes” of RLF (1942-1952) (PDF file will open in a separate tab or window)

Appendix B – Cooperative Study of RLF (1953-1954) Coordination Committee

Appendix C – Cooperative Study of RLF (1953-1954) Cooperating Hospitals

Appendix D – Methodological Standards for Randomized Clinical Trials

Notes and References