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Lyon Exposition Universelle et Coloniale, 1894

Lyon Exposition Universelle et Coloniale, 1894

The Exposition Universelle, Internationale et Coloniale was a world’s fair including a colonial exhibition held at Parc de la Tète d’or in Lyon, France in 1894. The exposition was originally planned as a national exposition to be held in 1892, but the short interval since the Paris 1889 Universal Exposition led to a postponement of two years and a call for international participation. 3.8 million people visited the exposition. (Source: Wikipedia)

The 1894 Exposition in Lyon included the first known exhibition of incubators and human babies at a World’s Fair by Alexandre Lion. Dr. Lion operated storefront “institutes”” with incubators and human babies in several cities in France, and also had incubator pavilions at many international exhibitions in both Europe and the United States around the turn of the century.

A map of the exhibition grounds is shown below.

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